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Remarks from ISARP President Jonathan Feldman, Ph.D.

Dear ISARP Members:

It is an honor and a privilege to become the 2012 President of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology. ISARP is the leading society for respiratory psychophysiology, and I am very proud to be a part of our organization. The strength of ISARP has always been our devoted members, who are the leading respiratory psychophysiologists in the world! I am very humbled to join the impressive list of distinguished individuals who have served as ISARP President.

I would like to acknowledge the strong leadership of Paul Davenport as our 2011 President and the entire ISARP Board. I would like to thank retiring Board member Nick Giardino for all of his contributions to ISARP. I would also like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of Mariella Lane as our Secretary-Treasurer. ISARP is eternally grateful to Paul Lehrer for all of his hard work and time devoted to corporation issues for ISARP. Sibylle Petersen has done an outstanding job on our new and improved web site, http://isarp.org. Congratulations to Ilse Van Diest for becoming our President Elect.

I would like to especially thank Daphne Koinis-Mitchell for organizing and hosting the 2011 ISARP conference in Athens, Greece. The bar continues to be set higher and higher for our conferences and Daphne certainly raised that bar once again. I miss my routine of eating breakfast while viewing the Acropolis, which was then followed by a day of stimulating research presentations and discussions. Congratulations to our student award recipients, Elena Constantinou and Hsiu-Wen Tsai.

I am already looking forward to ISARP 2012 in Orlando, Florida with Paul Davenport as our Program Chair - please see details below. Bring your colleagues, children, and grandchildren and enjoy this rare combination of respiratory psychophysiology and Goofy, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie. So please make sure to save these dates and submit your abstracts!

Finally, I would like to introduce a new Board Position: ISARP trainee representative. We are very honored to have Elke Vlemincx serve as the very first representative. This position was created to recognize the extremely important role of students and trainees in ISARP. I encourage all students and trainees to communicate with Elke. Additionally, we are launching a new program dedicated to enhancing the training of our student members. We will start a student-mentor match at ISARP 2012. Each student will be paired with a senior member of ISARP, who will review the student's poster or presentation in advance and provide feedback and mentorship. We will have a dedicated block of time at the conference devoted for students and mentors to discuss the student's research. It is our hope that this will become an annual tradition at ISARP.

I wish you all a productive and successful 2012. I look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Feldman, Ph.D.

2012 ISARP President

International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology